Zoya: Emme.


Taking a break from studying final.. to do nails things! I did some polish hoarder challenge nails tonight.. for my 'break' and I feel better.

And now this is Zoya Emme.
Did this yesterday.

I'll have to admit she is not my favorite. I usually LOVE ZOYA.  But I don't know... this took really long to dry.
I didn't want to wait all day for each layer to dry as well, so that's probably why there are some bubbles..

3 coats.

 I was walking around doing errands and it was still wet.. and it smudged..a lot!!
 So.. I took it off. sad face.. :-(
 I think this needs a lot of thinner...or something.. I don't know?

 I don't give up on my polishes that easily!
 Any suggestions on how to fix this lady..?

 Emme will make it..? I hope..
 I love my pink.


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