World Cup - Ghana vs Uruguay.


* unrelated nail topic

Oh man! I feel so numb now! Just watched the ending of the uruguay vs. ghana..

Oh so heartbreaking...

My man, Asamoah Gyan.. devastated.. making me feel even more devastated...

They played well.. though.. so many many close scores...
ah couldn't even watch it sometimes

 oh Ghana!

My dad couldn't even watch the game.. he said his blood pressure was going up...
So I think he's out on a walk around Lake Merritt now. That's probably better

so numb.


  1. I'm exactly the same as you. I don't even know what to say or do apart from lots of swear words on Facebook. I geniunely think we played better and if it wasn't for Suarez's handball we would have ended the night 2-1.


  2. Yeah.. Not sure what I'm going to do this weekend..either.. I don't think I will be very 'happy/feel goody mood' this holiday weekend..

    Trying to distract myself with a nail polish challenge...It's not working.


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