When Companies Attack.. Bloggers Unite!

Please read this if you haven't already heard about it. from DailyPolish.com

From my understanding, the company in question Ginger and Liz,
DID NOT contact her to warn her/explain to her what her statements on her blog meant to their company.
They just slapped her with a cease and desist order.... without any consultation/talks from PR people.

- In my opinion :

This company attacked our beloved nail blogger.

They have no business sense, and cannot see the consequences of their actions.
Treating consumers/bloggers like crap shows that they are only concerned about money.
People will take their money elsewhere, eventually...

My philosophy is that a business should be about creating a wonderful product/ and a just service for people. If it does this well then the money will come.
However, if it is only concerned about money... eventually this will be its downfall. Just look at Enron.

This world is not in a Pre-recession era anymore!
People are not going to accept being treated like crap!
Many people have been laid off by these companies because of the 'bottom line...'
And that creates an unrest. Hey, you can't treat people this way...!

We will make our own nail polish!
Blog about companies we love!
Make our own product/service/nail polish company!!
We don't need your crap,  'overpriced companies'!

I'll admit the company in question does have the right to do a cease and desist, based on some loopholes/fine lines in the  language on her post...  but seriously... this is a DUMB move!

I think she used phrases like 100% proof etc.. However, I feel like '100% proof' doesn't mean much.
I think it's pretty cliche.. like just a saying we all just happen to say...
an idiom:
like the saying "oh it's raining cat's and dogs"

It's not really raining cat's and dogs.. are you going to sue me for that..!?

But in the blogger world I guess you have to be careful how you write... So she made a mistake.

However, I feel the legal actions are not appropriate.

I'm sorry but this is a new age of communication, and I object any company that will nonchalantly decide to sue a blogger before other options have been discussed.

Like with anything.. communication can get misinterpreted/confused.
I feel like they should have had a dialogue with her first.

It borders on limiting freedom of speech.. I don't believe the right action was to threaten her to take down her WHOLE post. Maybe just update it with a change in wording.

To threaten a lawsuit, in my opinion is just cruel.

I believe, companies are stuck in the dark ages.
To survive companies must build lasting relationships with the consumers.
This isn't 1990 anymore!
Nobody wants to be treated like crap/get crap service anymore/ waste their money on crappy things!

There isn't that much money floating around like there used to be.. so people want great service for what they can afford!

This is the communication age! Now there is Twitter! Facebook! Information is power, and everyone has a right to express to their opinion. Look at Perez Hilton!

Anyway... that's some nail drama of this weekend.. There was also some nail drama with Mac as well...but, I don't think I have enough facts to start writing my response to that yet. Not sure I  want to..

Oh vey..

I feel scared to write now. I actually took down some post.. because I wasn't sure if some greedy  company would go after me/ or people I love/ because what I wrote in my posts.

ehh. I will be more careful in how I state my language.

But I will always say what I feel and believe! That is my right!

Well, I never have heard of this Ginger and Liz company before... but honestly I will never buy anything from them... I don't support their business practices... that's in my opinion.. so yeah...

I <3 all  bloggers...!

To support blogger rights go to: Blue Ribbon Campaign.

What is YOUR OPINION on the matter? 


 -love Pretty


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