SinfulColors - Pink

This pink is really neon. 
Hard to capture on a camera, because this is not a color found in nature.. and my camera's little brain is like: "WTF is this!?" 
This is a neon color. 
It's so pink that it doesn't even look pink on me.. it's out of this world neon pink..
Not sure I like it. 
My personality is more down to earth..  quiet.. and sweet...  
And this color is not any of those things. 
But it's just so different, that I'm going to try to like this one.
Because I like unique. Unique pink. Here are a ton of pictures. 
In the shade.. with opi top coat.

These look. orange.. ? It really does look orange/pink in certain light. Well,  at least on my skin tone. My skin tone really draws out color.. making all colors pop out a little more.
4 coats.. !! ehh.. I know.. it's a little annoying to get even. Without top coat it dries matte.. But I like shine, so I put my opi top coat on it..

Left one without top coat. Right one with opi top coat.
OK! Now I must study for my midterm tommorow!!
OMG it feels like class just started.!


  1. thank you! yes.. it is the color...haha I have another neon I will show.. I was just to busy with my midterm this week! and I don't like doing swatches.. I like to wear the color for a while.. it makes me sad to put on color.. and then just take it off.. :-(


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