Sally Hansen: Pink Crystal.

I got this in my first swap with nail blogger nailstah!

 It says that it is a pink crystal...

Pink...where... are... you.. :-(?

Not pink on me.. Well, I'm ok with that.
We will call you a chrome.
I have NO silver metals.... so, I guess you can stay with me.

I'm not really a silver person.
But there maybe some uses for you, my silver lady polish..

*( wow I cut my nails a little bit too short... this week... you can REALLY see my guitar calluses. And I'm messy.. my nails aren't perfect...ehh.. so what!)


  1. Wow, this is hot with your skin tone! Seriously! But I don't get that pink bit *lol* I don't see one hint of pink in it. I do love a great chrome like that though!

  2. yeah. silvers really contrast with my skin.. really popping out! I don't know if i'm fierce enough to just wear a silver mani..

    lol.. yeah i'm confused about that pink thing as well..:0(


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