New Template.


This is just a little change.

I can never sleep on Sunday nights...
and the design for my blog was getting on my nerves a little.

I couldn't stand how my posts all blended into each other.
For me at least, it was hard to differentiate between a new post and an old post.
That really bothered me... I'm kind of a design freak/snob/wannabe.. *sigh*
I like good design!
I also  wanted to try out some layers/transparency..  something more light.. haha.

I will tinker more with this later..
I like change.. so sorry if this bothers you..
I will try to keep the basic format the same. So you won't get lost..

I guess I'm going to study a little then try to get some sleep for class.
2:30 am!


  1. As long as I can find the posts easily, change as much as you like! :)

  2. ok will do. yey! i will change.. it a lot.. I need practice doing designy things..


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