Future Husband: Old Spice Man.


Was feeling down today. Wanted to make myself laugh. 
This is my future husband as well: Old Spice Man.
He's hot.. and hilarious!!
He's so mine.. ahaha.

new nails photo probably tonight.. after hmwk... 

(old spice man photo from *http://assets.nydailynews.com/img/2010/06/16/alg_old_spice.jpg )


  1. i was kinda blue also today, must be the weather :/

    cute color :)

  2. oh no! yeah I think there IS something in the air..Hope you feel better!! Today in class there were so many people who didn't show up. Everyone in class looked like they were going to die.. more than the usual.

  3. That's hilarious!! I've just found your blog and I'm glad someone else loves pink polish the way I do! I hope your day got better..bad days suck :[ And I LOVE the way pink looks with your skin.So pretty!

  4. Lol. Old Spice Man cracks me up. Great manicure.

  5. cmol6369 :0D yey I love that you like pink nail polish too. it makes me feel not as crazy.. !


    abop: glad it made you laugh too!

    steffie: Thank you! yeah you should see he's responding to people's tweets, questions on youtube.. !it's so funny. I wonder if he will respond to my photo..haha. well either way I really needed a laugh yesterday!

  6. Ha! I love Old Spice Man! You'll have to be sure to invite all your readers to the wedding!

  7. karen: haha.. of course I will! I love the readers! I can't believe I have readers..! Actual people are reading my ramblings/craziness/nail polish addictions... amazing people.


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