Essie: Nutmeg.

Essie: Nutmeg.
A brownish pink..? 

Um.. it's nice. 2 coats. Nice application.
A little shimmer.
Not very pink though on me.... So it's not my favorite.  
It looked more pink in the bottle. 

I'm always searching for an interesting brown. I actually picked this color up again in a Zoya as well. 
I thought it would be more brown/yellow.. *sigh* They looked pretty much the same.. except Zoya is more of a jelly.
I swapped both... My first swap!

Remind me never to get this color again..
It's way too.. blah for me. 
It's a nice color though...
Just not for me.

Oh and I finished part 1 of a 3 part final.. woo hoo!
Ok back to the grind.


  1. I like it. It looks like a neutral peachy/pink :)

  2. thank you girlies. It is a nice color.. But it doesn't make my heart go "ooooh" lo most of my polishes do that.. haha

  3. Thanks for the swatch I couldn't find this anywhere else! I might buy this one I like it :)


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