Challenge: Bang Bang.

PHD Challenge: Dress Challenge based on a Besty Johnson design.

um.. so I decided to choose a really hard dress.. *sigh*

I don't really have a konad kit. I should probably get one when I have money...
I like to draw things freehand anyway... it makes me feel like an artist.

It's not the best/ the neatest.. but whatever! I had  a lot of fun doing it!

I did it twice!
From the Sinful  "fusion neon" mani from sunday.. and I then did it again on thursday night..  because I kept singing Bang Bang when I did the first mani....
and  I was like ooh!
I should do a "bang bang" mani tooo!

* not nail related..

and here is me singing/playing guitar. well not as great as Nancy Sinatra  but I love music!

and here is Nancy Sinatra.. wearing PINK..!

*Disclaimer: I do not endorse violence on women/men/children/pets. I just try to  love everyone and be happy. I just love music/art/nails.. and this song is cool*


  1. Love your mani and love your singing. I never heard of the song and now I love it! Thanks for sharing :)

    If you want to look at a natural hair video on youtube checkout prettydimples01 she is my daughter :)

  2. thank you! yeah I remember hearing this song when I was younger.. randomly and it was also in that kill bill movie!

    oh i love the natural hair youtube vlogs.. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to hair things though.. I just put it in a bun/ponytail.. maybe make 2/3 big twists in it.. I don't like to stress out about my hair. I think it looks cute. hehe
    I keep saying I might do some twists.. but they take really long..hehe .

  3. I just noticed there was actually guns on the dress. Too cute!


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