Challenge: If I Were a Vampire.

sally hansen: pink crystal.. and an old old unnamed red polish

If I were a vampire... 


I'd be messy.. and hungry for blood!

Don't mess with me!


Sally Hansen: Pink Crystal.

I got this in my first swap with nail blogger nailstah!

 It says that it is a pink crystal...

Pink...where... are... you.. :-(?

Not pink on me.. Well, I'm ok with that.
We will call you a chrome.
I have NO silver metals.... so, I guess you can stay with me.

I'm not really a silver person.
But there maybe some uses for you, my silver lady polish..

*( wow I cut my nails a little bit too short... this week... you can REALLY see my guitar calluses. And I'm messy.. my nails aren't perfect...ehh.. so what!)


Compare: Essie Nutmeg vs. Zoya Flowie.

Hmm... the bottles look kind of the same, but when you put them on... um no.
Not really.

Flowie is a little darker and more pink..?  Nutmeg is creamy. Looks like something you should eat... yum..


Zoya: Flowie.


A brownish, pinkish, nude-ish jelly?
Oh my goodness, make up your mind polish!
A nice jelly polish.
2 coats.

I took these pictures a while back..  could only find one really clear shot...
It's probably bettter since I was messy that day.  haha..


Essie: Nutmeg.

Essie: Nutmeg.
A brownish pink..? 

Um.. it's nice. 2 coats. Nice application.
A little shimmer.
Not very pink though on me.... So it's not my favorite.  
It looked more pink in the bottle. 

I'm always searching for an interesting brown. I actually picked this color up again in a Zoya as well. 
I thought it would be more brown/yellow.. *sigh* They looked pretty much the same.. except Zoya is more of a jelly.
I swapped both... My first swap!

Remind me never to get this color again..
It's way too.. blah for me. 
It's a nice color though...
Just not for me.

Oh and I finished part 1 of a 3 part final.. woo hoo!
Ok back to the grind.


Challenge : Color Accent.

A quick post!

PHD challenge. This is what I did last night!

left hand: Coral dots
right hand: Pink dots

I had so much fun!
Today, I added some more dots to the pink side.
Looks unusual.. but I really like it!
It looks playful.

coral : zoya kara
pink: color club dreamin
grey: eyeko posh polish
black:  kiss  nail art paint black
white: la colors art deco

The coral was easier to use for the dots than the pink.
The Dreamin pink was a little too watery for dot definition.


Zoya: Emme.


Taking a break from studying final.. to do nails things! I did some polish hoarder challenge nails tonight.. for my 'break' and I feel better.

And now this is Zoya Emme.
Did this yesterday.

I'll have to admit she is not my favorite. I usually LOVE ZOYA.  But I don't know... this took really long to dry.
I didn't want to wait all day for each layer to dry as well, so that's probably why there are some bubbles..

3 coats.

 I was walking around doing errands and it was still wet.. and it smudged..a lot!!
 So.. I took it off. sad face.. :-(
 I think this needs a lot of thinner...or something.. I don't know?

 I don't give up on my polishes that easily!
 Any suggestions on how to fix this lady..?

 Emme will make it..? I hope..
 I love my pink.


China Glaze - Avalanche.

It's cold today. Here is something more icy... from the giveaway I won from lacquer ware for tips and toes.

It feels like winter here today not summer.

I like this color.  But not sure what color it is? What do you think this color is?

I say purple frost/metal?

I'm not a big fan of metallic polishes though. They tend to be streaky.. but I like using them for nail art. 


I might try to fraken this with some glitter.

In other new.. I realized I have more than 50 readers on my follower side bar!!!

I just want to THANK YOU guys for reading my crazy!

I might have a giveaway soon.  I'm just not rolling in the moneys so it might take me longer to get some nice goodies to thank you guys.. !

Readers who comment might get some extra love because they take the time out of their day to comment/talk to me...

Really that's why I started a blog.. because I'm just a little person..
who wanted to talk to cool ladies who love nail polish as well!

I feel like I actually have new friends. :-D
Well,  I love making communities.. feeling connected to people around the world..!
I think that is awesome.

Hope you had a nice day!


When Companies Attack.. Bloggers Unite!

Please read this if you haven't already heard about it. from

From my understanding, the company in question Ginger and Liz,
DID NOT contact her to warn her/explain to her what her statements on her blog meant to their company.
They just slapped her with a cease and desist order.... without any consultation/talks from PR people.

- In my opinion :

This company attacked our beloved nail blogger.

They have no business sense, and cannot see the consequences of their actions.
Treating consumers/bloggers like crap shows that they are only concerned about money.
People will take their money elsewhere, eventually...

My philosophy is that a business should be about creating a wonderful product/ and a just service for people. If it does this well then the money will come.
However, if it is only concerned about money... eventually this will be its downfall. Just look at Enron.

This world is not in a Pre-recession era anymore!
People are not going to accept being treated like crap!
Many people have been laid off by these companies because of the 'bottom line...'
And that creates an unrest. Hey, you can't treat people this way...!

We will make our own nail polish!
Blog about companies we love!
Make our own product/service/nail polish company!!
We don't need your crap,  'overpriced companies'!

I'll admit the company in question does have the right to do a cease and desist, based on some loopholes/fine lines in the  language on her post...  but seriously... this is a DUMB move!

I think she used phrases like 100% proof etc.. However, I feel like '100% proof' doesn't mean much.
I think it's pretty cliche.. like just a saying we all just happen to say...
an idiom:
like the saying "oh it's raining cat's and dogs"

It's not really raining cat's and dogs.. are you going to sue me for that..!?

But in the blogger world I guess you have to be careful how you write... So she made a mistake.

However, I feel the legal actions are not appropriate.

I'm sorry but this is a new age of communication, and I object any company that will nonchalantly decide to sue a blogger before other options have been discussed.

Like with anything.. communication can get misinterpreted/confused.
I feel like they should have had a dialogue with her first.

It borders on limiting freedom of speech.. I don't believe the right action was to threaten her to take down her WHOLE post. Maybe just update it with a change in wording.

To threaten a lawsuit, in my opinion is just cruel.

I believe, companies are stuck in the dark ages.
To survive companies must build lasting relationships with the consumers.
This isn't 1990 anymore!
Nobody wants to be treated like crap/get crap service anymore/ waste their money on crappy things!

There isn't that much money floating around like there used to be.. so people want great service for what they can afford!

This is the communication age! Now there is Twitter! Facebook! Information is power, and everyone has a right to express to their opinion. Look at Perez Hilton!

Anyway... that's some nail drama of this weekend.. There was also some nail drama with Mac as well...but, I don't think I have enough facts to start writing my response to that yet. Not sure I  want to..

Oh vey..

I feel scared to write now. I actually took down some post.. because I wasn't sure if some greedy  company would go after me/ or people I love/ because what I wrote in my posts.

ehh. I will be more careful in how I state my language.

But I will always say what I feel and believe! That is my right!

Well, I never have heard of this Ginger and Liz company before... but honestly I will never buy anything from them... I don't support their business practices... that's in my opinion.. so yeah...

I <3 all  bloggers...!

To support blogger rights go to: Blue Ribbon Campaign.

What is YOUR OPINION on the matter? 


 -love Pretty


New Template.


This is just a little change.

I can never sleep on Sunday nights...
and the design for my blog was getting on my nerves a little.

I couldn't stand how my posts all blended into each other.
For me at least, it was hard to differentiate between a new post and an old post.
That really bothered me... I'm kind of a design freak/snob/wannabe.. *sigh*
I like good design!
I also  wanted to try out some layers/transparency..  something more light.. haha.

I will tinker more with this later..
I like change.. so sorry if this bothers you..
I will try to keep the basic format the same. So you won't get lost..

I guess I'm going to study a little then try to get some sleep for class.
2:30 am!


Challenge: Bang Bang.

PHD Challenge: Dress Challenge based on a Besty Johnson design.

um.. so I decided to choose a really hard dress.. *sigh*

I don't really have a konad kit. I should probably get one when I have money...
I like to draw things freehand anyway... it makes me feel like an artist.

It's not the best/ the neatest.. but whatever! I had  a lot of fun doing it!

I did it twice!
From the Sinful  "fusion neon" mani from sunday.. and I then did it again on thursday night..  because I kept singing Bang Bang when I did the first mani....
and  I was like ooh!
I should do a "bang bang" mani tooo!

* not nail related..

and here is me singing/playing guitar. well not as great as Nancy Sinatra  but I love music!

and here is Nancy Sinatra.. wearing PINK..!

*Disclaimer: I do not endorse violence on women/men/children/pets. I just try to  love everyone and be happy. I just love music/art/nails.. and this song is cool*


Claire's Mood Polish: Wild/Calm.

This is what I put on tonight from the giveaway I won from blogger Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes. Was having too much fun with this polish!

I love it!

It's pink when warm.. and purple when cool.

Well, maybe I would have loved it more if it was pink when warm.. and LIGHT pink when cold...
Or BRIGHT pink...
or MAUVEY pink...
Ok, I'm going to stop.
I like pink!

I LOVE IT THOUGH. I couldn't stop playing around with it.. hehe..

Purple when it is cold.
Oh! It works even with a topcoat on.
This has a topcoat on.. so if you were worried about don't worry!

It's shimmery..!

I can't really describe the finish.
It's glittery but not rough..
And it's shimmery as well..?

This is me playing around. Not sure if you can see well. It's night time...


Thank U, Lacquer Ware for Tips&Toes!

I won 1st prize in her giveaway!!! Her package just came in the mail.


China Glaze: Avalanche!
Zoya: Emme!
Claire's: Mood polish calm/wild!

PURPLE, and PINK, and PINK/PURPLE! ohhh fun!

She wrote a really sweet note..
AND she added in all these nail art stickers for a 'bonus'

thank you!!


Future Husband: Old Spice Man.


Was feeling down today. Wanted to make myself laugh. 
This is my future husband as well: Old Spice Man.
He's hot.. and hilarious!!
He's so mine.. ahaha.

new nails photo probably tonight.. after hmwk... 

(old spice man photo from * )


SinfulColors - Fusion Neon.


This is what I'm wearing today!

Fusion Neon by SinfulColors.

 Another NEON!
(in the shade)
(it dries matte)

This one really glows! (With a flash.. the neon glows!)

I was about to write a bad review of this because I wore this last week.. and it chipped all over my guitar. But I didn't have a basecoat or topcoat on it..  I was too excited to see how this looked like. I forgot.

I really like it.. it cost me a dollar so I'm not really stressing over it.
3 coats.

Don't wear this alone or it will chip a lot! ( this pic is with a topcoat)

I like this neon pink better.

Well going to Berkeley today to eat pho. Happy Sunday!


Sunflowers! A Challenge.

Here are my nails. For PHD Challenge!
Sponging Technique..!
Will update colors later

I just realized I don't show the colors for my nail art things.. So I'm going to do them all.. later.. I'm kinda tired today..

But I was really excited for my sunflowers!
I think I'm going to do this again.. with lighter or more contrasting colors.. so the sunflowers pop out.
When I look at the sunflowers, I feel happier.. Is that wierd or what!?

* updated with colors:
n.y.c : Times Square Tangerine Creme
sinfulcolors: Soul Mate
essie: Flawless

opi: Midnight in Moscow * for the flower center
milani: Good Morning Sunshine

um.. so yes.. I couldn't find a sponge.. I thought a had a bunch of makeup sponges.. but I couldn't find any.. this is a hair roller I cut... I don't like buying things. So what!


Zoya Exchange!


It came at last! I've been waiting on this little package since the start of June! There was some mixup in the mail! Glad when it finally arrived!! I even did a little happy dance!   


 This brand is one of my favs! I love that it's vegan.

 I'm actually trying to be a vegan. Milk/dairy mess up my skin/body, and make me feel bloated..
But I like cheese!!!

My skin does not! Who will win..?
At this moment.... the cheese won.. my skin is suffering.. *sigh*

(the shimmer pinks)  Suzanne, Sirena, Trinity.

(the creme/sheer pinks) Jessica, Piper.

(the non-pinks) Helen, Kaufda,  Suvi.


SinfulColors - Pink

This pink is really neon. 
Hard to capture on a camera, because this is not a color found in nature.. and my camera's little brain is like: "WTF is this!?" 
This is a neon color. 
It's so pink that it doesn't even look pink on me.. it's out of this world neon pink..
Not sure I like it. 
My personality is more down to earth..  quiet.. and sweet...  
And this color is not any of those things. 
But it's just so different, that I'm going to try to like this one.
Because I like unique. Unique pink. Here are a ton of pictures. 
In the shade.. with opi top coat.

These look. orange.. ? It really does look orange/pink in certain light. Well,  at least on my skin tone. My skin tone really draws out color.. making all colors pop out a little more.
4 coats.. !! ehh.. I know.. it's a little annoying to get even. Without top coat it dries matte.. But I like shine, so I put my opi top coat on it..

Left one without top coat. Right one with opi top coat.
OK! Now I must study for my midterm tommorow!!
OMG it feels like class just started.!


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