I like to swap! It's really fun getting polish things from my lovely nail blogger ladies. Although, I would like to swap with some more ladies internationally. You guys have  some cool polishes... that they don't sell  in my drugstore... :-(

on the swapping list: 
- china glaze champagne bubbles

I have access to:
1. Zoya
2. Sinful
3.Wet n'Wild
4. OPI
5. Essie
6. Orly
7. Sally Hansen
8. Milani
9. NYC

 well pretty much American brands.. can't think of all of them now..

but yeah!

I like

1. Anything Pink!
2. Cremes!
3. Golds better than Silvers!
4. Any polish brand that does not ship to the US!
5. Anything really, I love all polish...!

   .....But please no more coral cremes for me! I have waaaaaaaay to many! 

email: pinknailblog@gmail.com

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