Wet n Wild Lipstick Collection Swatches


I love wet n wild, so I have many lipsticks accumulated. Here is my collection and swatches.

Left to Right: doll house pink, mauve outta here, purty persimmon, sugar plum fairy, cherry bomb

Doll house pink is almost lavender on my skin tone.
Mauve outta here is a very bright Barbie pink.
Purty persimmon is such a pretty orange color, my favorite. Good for summer.
Sugar Plum Fairy is a deep plum color.
Cherry bomb is a deep red,  a perfect red for women with darker skin.

Left to Right: ravin' raisin, mocha-licious, sand storm, in the flesh.

Ravin' raisin is a nice plumlike purplish color.
Mocha licious is one of my favorites. It is a nice brownish pink.
Sand Storm is another muted pink that I like.
In the flesh is a lighter pink that I like too.

I like pinkish colors the best. I don't wear the lipstick fully as it looks garish on me, but I apply a little with a brush and top it off with lip gloss. I like shiny lips as well. Well, these will last me for a while!

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