Vase Nails.

Vase Nails 
 Here are some nails based on vases, or porcelain. Anyway. These took long. I kept messing up. I used Ruby Kisses: French White as base. It is not a very good white. It is still sheer, kind of hard to apply and slow at drying.  I need a better white. I used American Apparel: Cameo Blue as stamping color. And bundle monster BM21 My thumb is too big for the stamps though. I don't know what to do about that.I kind of dinged one of the nails too. ARGH I'm so impatient! My left hand is  still a work in progress. I keep messing up one nail.
Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


  1. Love this! I am such a sucker for blue and white vintage or porcelain designs. :D

  2. this is lovely! Love the design.


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