Color Club - Diva Driver

Color Club - Diva Driver
ooh I love this one. Fuchsia shimmer is a little sheer but super shiny w/o topcoat. The polish has a nice application. This is 2 coats. This is my nail of the day today. So bright, so pretty. I really should be taking care of my nails more with polish.

*I forgot how fun blogging about my adventures is. Maybe I should try to blog everyday. It is good to have structure to blogging. I 'm just sometimes not in the mood, life issues. But yes, new goal is to blog at least 3 times a week. I need to blog. I think I have many dupes of pink. So blogging helps me not get the same color. Ok! Must get ready for all that is going on today. At least my nails are cute.*
Hope you are doing well!
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