Blogging Funk = Glitter Time

Blogging Funk = Glitter Time
I'm in a funk. Sorry to say. Today and yesterday kind of suck. My brain is all over the place, but  not in good places but funky bad places. It reflects in my blogging I guess. My pictures start to suck. LOL. I tried to get myself out of the funk by doing some Glitter PINK! Woo. It's shimmery, it's glittery, it's opaque in 2 coats. This has to cheer me up!!...ehh sort of... almost.. just have to ride the funkness out I guess.

This is Color Club : Candy Cane. Application is good for a glitter. Not too gloopy. This is many coats because I kept wearing it out doing things around the house. The more glitter the better.

*As you have noticed I also changed the design of the blog. I like it is faster and simple. I hate too many distractions, ads, etc. It is fun to look at and play with. But I don't like that it deleted all the comments. I don't know what to do about that*
Hope you are doing well!
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