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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cute Idea.. but worst polish ever!

I tried to retrieve the pink hearts but they are encased in glue polish...yuck

The hearts refuse to move from that stupid bulge

This is what nightmares are made from

Step to the Beat of My Heart- Nicole by OPI

ok..Hey people....well the idea was the cutest thing ever. Pink hearts/purple heart polish!!!!!
Hmm, I got this right before I moved in the during the  summer. But forgot about it until now. Um, I guess during that time it dried out and all the pretty hearts got clumped on the bottom. So, I finally got some nail polish thinner. I'm going to fix it... right..? um no.."Not so fast Lady! You can't fix this. I'm a biiiiig hot mess!', this polish tells me...hmmph

I don't know.... this is not even polish. It dried! It was goopy. I put in the thinner. Lots and lots of thinner but it was still stuck like glue. Then, I got the end of a stick and tried to get out the hearts. The shape of the bottle is horrible! I couldn't get the hearts out becuase of the weird angle of the bottle. They just all accumulated in the 'no mans land' ! argh. I finally loosened it up a little. And dumped some of the polish in a container. But most of the hearts are just stuck in the bottle. The consistency of the polish is gross. What the HECK! Polish shouldn't do this. I 've had polish for years.. like more than 10 years.. and those are still good. Argh, well I give up! No heart polish for me..

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty

Mini Photo Box - tutorial

Hello people! Here is just a little thing I made to make me a more efficient blogger. I take too long finding the right background to take pictures. I've never taken pictures outside though, which is the best way to take picture--the best lighting

Well, um yeah.. I don't really want to do that. I'm shy. I don't want to cause attraction to myself.

So, I made 2 mini photoboxes based on the tutorial from Ice Queen. She is awesome! Check out her lovely blog!

I really don't have a big ass box. So, I made one out of materials I had.

1. trader joes boxes
2. an old folder from office max:
3. ruler
4. tape

The purple one I made first.
I made it purple and not white because my skin contrast too much sometimes with a white background.

The long way: Box 1
1. Take off the top of the box

2. Measure your folder to the dimensions of the box,
                Measure twice, measure 3 times, measure 4 times...!
                 Cut/fold to the box once...

  3. Also, leave plenty extra room on the outside flaps. This is so you can fold and fasten the folder to the box. I didn't leave enough room on the ends. Make larger than a inch. The folder paper is really thick so it's best to leave more to fold to the edge.

The Lazy Way: Box 2

excuse my nails.. i'm working on a separate polish project

1. Cut the top of the box off
2. Get some white paper,

3. Measure the box... and cut it to prepare to fit inside,

4. 'Squish' the paper in the box so it goes in vertically.
      a. Leave plenty of room on each side for the edges.
      b. When the paper fits inside, crease the inside edges so they are straight
      c. Then fold the edges and tape the sides to fasten the paper down.

 5. Repeat the process but do it now horizontally, layering the second piece of paper on top of step 4 paper.

6. Now you are done:  Take pictures!
  - This polish is from a recent haul. CVS had a 30% sale off wet n'wild. I got this pink:frosted fuchsia, some clear polish, some eyeshadow liner, a staple white polish, and wet n wild red red(the best red ever..!) Too bad there was only one left. I would have too them all. Yey sales.

-Note, Items in your photobox can only be as big as your photobox. Sorry.. No really tall products if your box is short.
-But it works for polish. Polish is tiny.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty
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