Glitter Glitter Glitter


Some glitter bomb for this morning.
I was inspired by the lovely nightly nails blog post! Argh stayed up late doing work. Then I took a break to do nails. This is NYX Inked Heart as the base. A nice dark blue. Then NYX Maven as a blue glitter layer. Then China Glaze Cleopatra as the gold glitter. Then NYX Maven again. Then to top it off with some lovely flakie goodness of Nubar 2010. woo. So pretty. So many layers.

hope ya day goes well today. 
<3 Pretty
*update....boy this took soo looong to take off. the longest removal ever for glitter. And usually I'm pretty fast at glitter removal. lol*

Flower stamping!


Hey there!  This is some more stamping I did Sunday. It was raining for a quick bit. Now it's sunny again. Strange earthquake weather. Yes. We did have a little earthquake! lol.

Some more stamping fun with bm16, Black Onyx. I know I really should find other colors. Revlon silver as the base. 

I think I might change this now that the weather is sunny. The painting isn't perfect. I messed up on one finger and had to paint over it. Sorry I'm not a perfect painting blogger lady. I try.. but fail. haha

*just realized I started another rant *
Oh well, I've come to conclusion that people who hate on my imperfectly painted nails are lame.

This is just a silly blog. You know like a diary of my nail fails/nail wins. I think I didn't know what I was doing in the past and I was trying to keep up with other nail bloggers because I thought I was supposed to as a nail blogger. You know oh you must have giveaways, show all the newest collections(um I'm sorry, I  have limited monies), and show only perfect nails.. ehh. but I think that makes not fun. I'm just going to blog for fun. Especially.  I'm not  trying to please some ninny people who are just about hating people's nail or hating people's painting jobs, or people that demand nail bloggers have giveaways for them to be a reader and all that nonsense. Go away lame people. I don't want you reading my blog. *

Well, enough of the rants. 

I heart all of the super nice nail bloggers whom I've meet. You are all super awesome!  And I'm always inspired by your nails! Please come and konad my nails for me.
<3 <3 Pretty

Pink Zebra!!


right hand

Woo more stamping! I did this friday. I notice my fingers curve downward, so I had to restamp the bottoms. You can sort of see it overlapping.. but the pattern is so organic that it is not too noticable.

My right hand didn't stamp that well. And I nicked my ring finger as it wasn't fully

I used another one of my frankens. I love this franken formulas... It goes on really smooth and dries quick! lol and yes this is Black Onyx again. I should try other polish combos. I just knew these two would work well.

I'm not sure I like the zebra plate. This is the bm18 bundle monster plate. I think the zebra lines are a little too thick.  I shall try other colors combos closer together. The black is prob too much contrast to the pink. or maybe reverse it so the black is the base color.

But I'm excited. woo stamping fun!
With practice I shall get better!

Well happy Sunday!
argh I'm behind on hair Sundays.. I'm so lazy. Must keep up the hair routine. argh


It is too hot to do I give up today. They still have kittys and fishys but are a little worn out.  I gained much weight boo. I  wore short skirt/skort today because it was really hot. I think my butt was hanging out. Must to some jumping jacks.Hmm but now I eat ice cream... and finish my assignments.

Kitty and Fishy Fishy

Hey everyone, Ok, this is my first stamping post! I know. Seriously. I keep wanting to do nail art, but just make excuses. lol So, I'm going to make Friday stamp-art day. Something to keep me busy. My super amazing good friend left for med school in NYC...and we used to hang out a lot on the weekend. boo..and another "friend" who I used to hang out with a lot on the weekend turned out to be a very toxic person. So, it makes my weekends kind of boring at the moment.

Well, I have class Sat with my secret crush. He always makes me laugh. So, the weekends aren't so bad....I guess. heehee. Well, enough of that. This is a nail blog. Friday is nail time now! Focusing on art/design/nails helps me feel better...because I LOVE it! *sigh* lol anyway.

 On my nails I used one of my franken polishes for the base. I used OPI: Black onyx for stamping. Black Onyx is good for stamping. I think I will make a little database or something with my polishes that go well with stamping. I used a plate BM04 from the bundle monsters.

I got it waaay back in December...

I tried stamping during the holidays...and kind of gave up on it. I sucked bad. I wish some of you blogger ladies lived near me. I would pay you guys for doing your amazing things on my nails. I think I have an attention/focus problem...because I really don't do this well. Hopefully, you won't laugh at my attempts
The kitty's tail and ear are not right. *sigh*  I'm super excited, though.

This is REALLY good for me!
The fishys came out well!

Rimmel - Rags to Riches


Ok... so I changed the nail polish today after class.
I'm not used to wearing purples yet. lol.

I think it's good that I took a step out of myself and got something I might not normally get.
Well, here is rags to riches. I really like this one. I love me greens.
I don't think I have a dupe of this.. I hope...argh
It's metallic and has some silver kind of microglitter floating in it.
The bottle looks really frosty and different that's why I chose it.

I like this one. 3 coats.
The formula is good. Not too thick/thin.
The application is great... and the finish is really pretty.

NOTD: Rimmel - Wild Orchid


This is what I got this weekend.
 I got this Rimmel wild orchid and rags to riches- a green metallicy polish!
 It was buy one get one half off at walgreens.

I usually don't wear purple.
I'm not sure I like purples yet.
It's not the same feeling like my love of pink... but this color is really nice.

First of all, the brush is amazing!
With the right amount of pressure you can brush your whole nail with one stroke!

However, I'm not that skilled as I almost got it with one-stroke but missed spots.
The formula is thick so you can get away with one coat. But. this is two.

The formula is thick and application is good.
But when this dried it bubbled a little though.
I'm not sure if it was my topcoat/or I had the window open.
*sigh* Oh, well, I still like it.

Maybe I will put some thinner in it as it is a little on the thick side.

NOTD - accent pink


Hmm well, this is really what I wore for the weekend.
The navy blue lasted a while..
but I wanted to extend it.

I put on OPI Teenage Dream as an accent on my left hand.
It took about 3-4 coats of pink glitter cover up the blue.

blurry to show bling bling

* random rant about nail accents...below*
I don't like it when the accent is on BOTH left and right hands!

 To me that is too much going on.
 I would never do accents on both hands.

Well, this would probably only make sense to ppl who speak French....
.....but its like having two accents graves on one letter.
    That's very grave indeed ..You need only one accent!

Ok I'm silly.
and I shall elaborate more...

To me the blue navy is the 'letter' ....and the accent is the pink.

I think I just made a little rant about something so silly. lol
But what triggered it was ...
I saw this girl on TV, I forgot her name..
but the show was called "Perfect Merger" or something like that..
She is like the black bachelorette...

It's kind of a  dumb show.. but  it's a guilty pleasure of mine
because some of those guys are hooooot..

She had this mani with two accents and I cringed a little.
I like her color combo.. though..

I dunno I don't care what other people do..
 She can do many accents..

But I would prob not do 2 accents.
It really bothers my visual senses. lol

Eyelash Review

I was sent these eyelashes by  kkcenterhk eyelash A166 for review.
Compared to the last review I did..
...these lashes feel a lot lighter on my eyes.
I'm still figuring out makeup stuff..

hmm I accidentally squished part of the lash when I was applying it.
And I think it's better to put makeup on BEFORE the lash!

gosh I'm a makeup newbie.
One eye has makeup dust on the eyelashes.

This makeup is Wet N Wild.
They had a sale this weekend. Buy one get one free.
This one is "I got Good Jeans"
I'm bad...

 I went and did an errand for my mom this weekend..
and walked to the store further away because I knew it was cheaper there.

and used the rest to buy makeup/nail polish....
I'm bad...

kkcenterhk eyelash A166


oooh some jelly navy blue


Nyx - Ink Heart
Mmm ok, I think I really like me some navy.
This one is almost like the rimmel midnight blue one but it has no shimmer.
sorry some pics are blurry. rushing to take pics today.
I need to make time for lots of school work now. lol

It is just pure jelly.
It's really opaque. You can get away with just one coat, which looks more jelly like.
But this is 2. the blue gets darker with more coats.

*on a different note, I think I have a little crush on one of my instructors.. shh
He's so so silly, goofy and really down to earth.. .
 oh yeah ..
 and waaaay intelligent. *so hot*  

He's really tall too. 
I'm pretty tall, so it's nice not to tower over a guy.

I've never  had a  teacher crush ever either.
It's  fun to have little silly secret. 
* shh.. don't tell. 
I think I'm going to revel in it. 

Not take it too seriously.
 argh .
 I hope he doesn't see me blush though. 

lol  He's a pretty young dude... so it's not creepy or gross like that. 
We are prob around the same age.. 

 I will go finish up some work.. 
   .............and maybe write some hearts in my notebook ...
 or something old school style-like. 
Haven't done that in a while.
 Boy, I'm a huge dork. lol 

golden rose 109 - lilac

Last of the golden rose holo haul swatches!
This is a really nice shade as well. Nice application. 3 coats.

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