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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zoya - Happi

Zoya - Happi
Ok, this one is a nice color from Zoya. However, I think this formula is not the best. It has some VNL even after 3 coats. Ok...not cool... and it took a while to dry. Maybe because on some nails,  I put 4 coats and did not let each coat dry enough.

Oh well, when I have enough time I will sit down with patience and try this again.I don't have time to do another one. I have class all night tonight. There are many more pinks in the sea... right?

What Is On My Face..

What Is On My Face

Ok. So. I'm not really a makeup person. But...  I'm going to rave about a foundation I found the other day. A serious holy grail moment for me. A drugstore foundation that works for my skin tone!
Maybelline Liquid Mouse in Cocoa Dark 3.

It was under 10 dollars. The only foundations that I've found to work for my skin tone are way expensive department brands. um.. yeah I don't wear makeup that often.

But this one is great. It feels light weight. It makes my skin glow and it evens out my hyper pigmented skin.

My skin has golden undertones and this foundation doesn't mask it . My skin shows through.  Most drugstore brands make my skin looks ashy and dull.... 

boo not cute.

Wooo, I have even skin! Points for Maybelline.
*Doing a happy dance*