Wet n Wild: Show Stopper glitter eyeshadow

Review: Wet n Wild- Show Stopper(lots of picts!)
Pros: 1. Many colors
          2. Affordable,
          3. Glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glittttttttttttteeeeeer! mmmm....
          4. I love the brushes that they provide.
              ...One side is normal and the other side is tapered for lining eyes.
          5. I really looooove the copper shade. It's super highly pigmented!
Cons: 1.The glitter is only on the top layer!!!!!!! what the heck!!! it says glitter..more like glitter cream
          2. I kind of feel duped. I thought it was all glitter!
          3. Some of the colors are not that pigmented.
          4. Takes a lot more product to get the color out  of the 2 blacks and the light baby blue!

dry over primer

middle colors:dry
middle colors: wet

last colors: dry.. the gold and the blue are very light dry
last colors: wet. The light blue is still very light, but the gold and copper are more pronounced wet

glitter is only on top layer

swatches(all): wet

My first makeup swatch!!!You enablers!

I'm not a makeup person. But, I saw this glitter on other blogs. I must try!
According to some study , makeup makes you look more 'trustworthy.' (funded by makeup companies. jk)

 I never really wear makeup.  I'm more of  a tomboy.

I always liked playing with nerdy boy things..ie. legos, log cabin, etc I used to tie rubber bands to my barbies and make them yo-yos, because I wanted a yo-yo and a slinky for Christmas. hehe

Well, makeup is my new fun. Hopefully, I shall learn to swatch these better. I have hairy arms in macro.  ahehe  :-D. I have lots of hair.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


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