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Thanks lady!
Project Danielle gave me an award. I made the award picture all fancy because it's lunch time..and that's what I like to do when I'm on break. I rarely do these anymore.  I'm sorry people. Don't be offended. There are just so many people to tag and it's so time consuming. So anyone who wants to do this can do it.

List 7 things about yourself that are random....? Well, making this random  is actually hard.
1. In high school I was obsessed with Rage Against the Machine.  ......I was/am angsty

2. A couple years later. I met the bassist from Rage Against the Machine.I sat right next to him at a speech rally. mmm Mr. Tom Morello. .....he should be my future husband.....

3. I used to have a stuffed monkey, I'd take photographs of...ALL THE TIME
 on planes..   on trips.. on Bart.(subways) at restaurants..
4. I called the monkey, Mad Monkey -Because his eyes were slanted. He looked mad.

5. I secretly think someone saw me doing this with my stuffed monkey. and based a cell phone commercial on this idea. hmph.... I get mad when I see the commercial.

6. I love watching Korean dramas:  Coffee Prince!is the BEST THING I've ever WATCHED in my whole LIFE. EVER!! EVER!! EVER! go watch the series...It's on HULU!

7.  I like to lift my shirt up over my lips when I'm working.....like a turtleneck.  I have no idea why.  I just do it all the time.

ok I am done now.
<3 Pretty

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