Woo it this weekend is hot. I needed nail polish therapy after the whole pink hearts disaster. I went to walgreens to get air-conditioning as well. Initially, I was going to the nail store because I noticed that they updated their China Glaze with some more crcakles... ehh but it was too hot to walk all the way there. I'm not sure I REALLY wanted/needed crackle. So, this is what I got.

I saw all these art brushes.. 25 brushes...many of them tiny.. yey for nail art/makeup applications

some cool makeup. I usually don't buy makeup... but you blogger pple make me more interested

some revlons that were on sale...matte suede and a metallic gold!

a glow in the dark polish! oooh
 Well, hopefully I will swatch these soon,
I'm bad at swatching many things at once.

Intresting enough, I didn't buy any pink.
I actually put 2 pinks back.
What the heck!
Well, it's fun to try something new!

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


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