Halloween Oranges


I don't really do orange. So, I went on a quest to find some at the local nail store.  These 3 new additions, plus another wet n' wild and another Sinful orange glitter are what I have. So now I have 5 oranges. I'm trying new things here people!

For me, orange reminds me of prison uniforms, sf giants games, and hot dogs/fast food. I'm not sure I'm into them. But it's Halloween! I must try.

this one is NYX girls: Hot Orange
 NYX girls: Hot orange
MMMM, well this is  not so much working for me. It's a decent application. However, it is 4 coats. You still will get huge VNL. This is a very sheer orange. I think this is meant to be put over white. It looks like a jelly in the bottle... but I really think this is actually a neon if put over white. It's very bright.

Poor Nyx: Hot Orange....You can see some VNL action going on
More Hot Orange...more VNL action.. *sigh*

This one is NYX: Pop Culture
 NYX: Pop Culture
Then I went back to try another orange. Pop Culture. This one is shimmery and less in your face bright. It's pretty and shimmery. Application is good. However, this one is pretty sheer as well. 4 coats and still VNL. *sigh* It's nice though to layer over another color polish like white or black.

Pop Culture: more shimmery VNL

NYX: Papaya
 NYX: Papaya
Ok this orange was pretty. Very hot dog orange. LOL. No VNL yey. This one is just right. Well, that's my orange polish adventure I was doing last week.  I found some oranges I can play with. Although not perfect. I'm sure I will find applications for them. One neony, One shimmery, and One creamy. Yey for Oranges. I think I've completed my orange stash. 

Hope you are doing well!
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