hair sunday is back


Woo. Hair Sunday! Man, I've been bad. My hair needs attention. I promise to keep this up. Well, after we moved, we tossed many hair products away. However, the hair junkie of the house quickly replenished the supply.   --side note. For this post, I don't know why the hair junkie got kid products.The junkie buys hair products with no discernment. If it's new, the junkie must get!! Hmm sounds like my nail polish problem. Anyway....

Here is a shampoo I tried just now. Just for me: hair milk.
Um it really stings my eyes!!!!
Like it hurts like crazy. Do not get this in your eye!
It's ok standard shampoo. It kind of dries you hair out a little too much. You know stipping the hair oils. Not my fav, but it it does it's job.

And this is some curly moisturizer I used. Curly Q Custard. It's really light. Not greasy. I like it. And it smells good as well. I braided my hair in sections and placed this stuff on. My hair is almost dry and it feels soft in the braids. I like this product.

Ok I go now get ready for tomorrow.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


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