oooh some jelly navy blue


Nyx - Ink Heart
Mmm ok, I think I really like me some navy.
This one is almost like the rimmel midnight blue one but it has no shimmer.
sorry some pics are blurry. rushing to take pics today.
I need to make time for lots of school work now. lol

It is just pure jelly.
It's really opaque. You can get away with just one coat, which looks more jelly like.
But this is 2. the blue gets darker with more coats.

*on a different note, I think I have a little crush on one of my instructors.. shh
He's so so silly, goofy and really down to earth.. .
 oh yeah ..
 and waaaay intelligent. *so hot*  

He's really tall too. 
I'm pretty tall, so it's nice not to tower over a guy.

I've never  had a  teacher crush ever either.
It's  fun to have little silly secret. 
* shh.. don't tell. 
I think I'm going to revel in it. 

Not take it too seriously.
 argh .
 I hope he doesn't see me blush though. 

lol  He's a pretty young dude... so it's not creepy or gross like that. 
We are prob around the same age.. 

 I will go finish up some work.. 
   .............and maybe write some hearts in my notebook ...
 or something old school style-like. 
Haven't done that in a while.
 Boy, I'm a huge dork. lol 

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