golden rose 117 - moss green


goldn rose holo 117 - moss green

hmm. i really want to like this
Green is my favorite color in general...
Pink is my favorite nail polish color..
but this one is really gloopy application.
I'm sad..because it is really pretty.

This is two coats.

I don't know what to do..
I think I will try to franken it with with something
Because it still is a pretty green holo.
It's just annoying to apply.
And it's really slow at drying.

golden rose paris holo 102 - silver


golden rose 102 silver

hmm. This looks a lot like the icy blue. 2 coats of nice application goodness. I like this one a lot too. Argh pictures don't really do these holos justice. They look amazing in the light.


golden rose - 117 pink

mm........... golden rose 117 - pink!

mm..... this is one of my fav of the haul I got.
It is such a perfect pink shade of holo.

This one is three coats. Application is good.

ok, back to classes... lol.

*random blogging de-stress.. rant below.. *
you may skip...
...................... and just look at the pretty polish*

I'm so screwed. 
I kinda messed up my schedule..
I dropped this class because thought it was too much work... it's closed. 

 ...and this other class I'm taking requires I know C++ argh. 
I took some C++ a looong time ago but I don't remember anything. 
And the first day of class seemed like jargon talk.

 I want to drop that class too now.. but I will be under units!
Maybe if I just review some C++ I will be ok... boooh. 

The instructor dude seems very helpful.
And he also said he was just doing an overview...
and he will teach it in depth later....
yeah I think I can do it! 

I remember I took a calculus class..
and had no idea what the teacher was saying the first day..
 I was soo freaking out...
but I did really well.. so.. yeah. 
maybe it will be like that.
I should  just stay..? hmm...

Maybe pass/no pass. lol
ok.. well
I'm gonna review some of this crap now...
Trying not to stress myself out too much.
ahh classes. 

Well, I hope all of your Monday's are going wells. 

<3 Pretty <3

golden rose 102 - icy blue


golden rose 102 - icy blue

This is 2coats.
This application is ok...a little gloopy.
These bottles are actually smaller than the paris holos.
6ml instead of 11.5 ml. ...
(argh..i'm a nail polish freak... I want more polish....!)

Oh well, the golden rose paris holos didn't have a blue...
so I got this version of holo.
 I think the paris holos are a better deal..
 as you pay just a little bit more for almost twice as much!
but I wanted blue..!
 I like it... it's blue but almost silver as well.

golden rose 120


golden rose 120

Well, I love this color. I wasn't sure what to expect... as there is no name for this one. Just a number. The swatch on the website really doesn't look like the real product. But it's in the same color range, I guess. In real life this looks more reddish pink. I love it! So pigmented. It still is very pink to me even though the bottle looks red.

This is a nice application, very smooth. Two coats.


haul pics


Ok here are some haul pics!!!

**** I usually don't do a lot of haul posts either because..
 1. Sometimes my hauls are crazy and Ionly have pinks.. and ppl will say oh. those are all the same... it doesn't make sense..!! 
   I crazy! It makes sense to me!
 2. I don't want to actually know the exact amount of  money I spent on a nail polish baad.
 3. I don't 'haul' that often because I'm a student.. 
     ..but the most I will spend is 40 dollars on one time  to me that's a LOT.. 
       and I feel kinda bad spending it on something so silly...
       but it makes me happy and it's not drugs/alchy or something like that....****

It's just that sometimes I feel should be more 'productive' and buy  a book/art/design things  something more 'useful'.
    but nail polish is kinda like yeah I justify it.. lol.

Well,  I got these from I saw one of my fav blogger ladies 'another bottle of poliish'' buy her haul. I needed to check it out! My first golden rose purchase! 25 dollars. Very affordable for 8 polishes.

They are all holos!! I love that they look like they are in the shape of little Eiffel towers!


golden rose holo 110

arh. I got  this in a golden rose holo haul. boo they don't label all the bottles though. argh  I just looked at this one and it doesn't have a name or number. I forgot what color this is... and I threw away the receipt. argh. well I will try to deduce this one later. I go sleepy now. I have a slight persistent cold since last week. I thought it would go away, but I finally  bought some cough medicine. I feel loopy .
This is two coats. I love it. pics don't do it justice. nice application too.


oooh i was too loopy to see the number right on it. lol it's 

Golden Rose Paris holo 110 - PURPLISH PINK

it doesn't really look purple to me.. more pink. lol

under my desk lamp


ahh back in the swing


we moved.
we got rid of the hoards.
we are clutter free.

Comcast never came.
 .................we waited...........
comcast makes you take days off.
i hate that.

moving makes you crazy.
ehh so much drama
i swear.

sorry for the lack of posts.
 i was so beat up...

anyway. now we can enjoy the new place.

here is a watermarble I did right before we moved.
It got dented.
I used a oral i forgot which on...
and some wet in wild tickled pink.

I bought lots of hauls this month.
i soo needed a nail polish haul.
! so excited!
will show off the goodies laters.