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Zoya Happi - My Notd
*(PIC HEAVY... I think I took too many pic this time.. distracting myself from moving..LOL )

I know I swatched this before. However, I think I was in a rush and used thicker coats so the thing never dried. So, I tried again with smaller coats and my favorite topcoat--that blue Orly topcoat stuff... hmmph running out. I need to get more.

Nail success this time!

I need something Happi!
I love this color! I'm glad it worked out this time.
2 coats and it looks amazing but this is three coats. It shows off the pink more. lol.

*Argh! so much moving stuff! 
I'm really freakin out. We should be on Hoarders...
No one wants to get rid of anything!!. Even when we know there is no space. 
1. Why do we need an extra bed if there is only 2 rooms. 
2. Why do we need 8 old ass tvs..I think one is even broken!! I swear

"Oh we can send that to Ghana...." um no..that is not an excuse. We should get rid of it! Why would they want a broken ass tv...:?"


*Excuse my rough nails..moving + perfect nails do not exist. 
*PIC HEAVY... I think I took lotts of pic this time.. distracting myself from moving..LOL

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