Hair Sunday - The Great Detangler

Taliah Waajid- The Great Detangler
Um.. hmm. not sure where my mom got this.. maybe online at amazon/walgreens. I googled the price and it's about 8 dollars.

Product Claim:
"Eliminates tangles on contact. Softens hair, defines curl pattern. Stops breakage while combing curly, kinky, coily and wavy hair. Hair Detangler is rich with moisturizers, protein and conditions. Coats and protects hair while softening. For best results, use the complete line of Black Earth Products." 
 Well,  I really like this product. This is probably one of my favorites so far. It does not really define my curls at all, but it really just smooths my hair out- no tangles or breakage. So, it does mostly what it claims. You don't need a lot of product to soften the hair. so I won't be needing to buy this every other week. It is not greasy/oily. Product buildup is minimal with this product. Also, I REALLY like how it smells. Not too strong or overpowering.

I like this. yey!


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