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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Future Husband: Sung Kang

Blah this whole week is really sucking bad. So, I decided to do a future husband post: Sung Kang!!!
These really cheer me up. I tried to keep it nail related  as well.. :-D
see some lovely nails and Sung Kang! I fell in love with him in the movie "The Motel." He was also in Fast and the Furious, and Better Luck Tomorrow..   an amazing  actor. He's from Georgia.. he's one hot Korean-American. I wish people would stop putting him in stereotypical roles. Oh and ditto that for dark-skin African American women.. why do you only see dark skin ladies.. as the loud, 'ghetto' black person..!

I actually met him in real life! This was before I went on the nail polish addict diet though.. I was about 165 there.. Now I'm 135 . I really like to be healthy now.  I save the money I would use on bad food/ habits.. for nail polish! i.e. walking instead of talking the bus... Drinking water.. instead of soda/juice...etc..  

This is our wedding!

* random rant:
You know what people..? I don't mind that we are flawed, no one is perfect...

But what pisses me off are people who claim to be religious.. and claim to want to help and 'do right'
but are such hypocrites!!

Instead, they just quote some bible passage.. and go about their lives, judging.. .
and not helping society
or loving people.. ehh..

I'm so upset this week... but I guess I can't expect perfection from flawed people.
I just wish certain people I know wouldn't try to recruit me into their 'religion/church'
But in no way practice what they preach.