Zoya: Jolene.

Zoya Jolene:
      She is an amazing pink. Hot pinkish, shiny, 2 coats of yummy pink goodness!
I love Zoya polishes. They are so yummy! I feel like my nail beds make this color a slightly deeper pink though. But the color still pops! I love this polish. I put my Zoya top coat on it as well to make it more shiny. I think Zoya products work the best with other Zoya products/vegan polishes. Sometimes,  Zoya doesn't play well with others.

*I was a little messy. I did this on a lunch break before one of my classes last week. Sorry, for the lack of post this week. I will try to post more regularly... classes are hard. I still love nail polish and blogging. I'm just trying to get used to my new schedule.*

Hope you have a nice Sunday, Everybody!


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