Follow Friday..err (Sunday) : MagicMaid!


Follow Friday: MagicMaid 

Hey there, this is just a quick post!
I was going to do this Friday... but didn't find time!
I have this big presentation due and I'm really freaking out because I have no idea what I'm doing. lol. But yeah, I won MagicMaid's 700 follower giveaway! 20 polishes and mango lotion/mango cuticle oil/mango exfoliation.

She's so awesome! She should have 100,000 followers.
So people, go and follow this lady's blog!
She's one of the nicest nail blogger ladies out there!
And she always shows such cool polishes!
She almost has 1000 followers!
Yey! She even gave me an extra pink polish!!!! 
Omg mango is my FAVORITE FRUIT!

THANK YOU for having such a cool giveaway... MagicMaid <3 <3 <3


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