Compare: Mellow Yellow vs. Yellow Bikini

Ruby Kisses- Yellow Bikini
Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow

I did this a while ago. I was just too lazy to upload it. Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow is a little lighter and hard to apply. It is runnyas well.  While Ruby Kisses - Yellow Bikini is a very rich yellow. A nice application as well pretty opaque. I think it was a two coater.


Some Bling!

       I wanted something a little more flashy this weekend. I stopped by my dad's 60th birthday party shindig on Sat! So, I added some of these rhinestones from Nailene. I love them! However, I should have counted them before I put them on my nails.  I really just wanted a simple dot on all of my tips. I put them all on my left hand and then  realized there wasn't enough dots to cover my right hand. Oh no.. what do I do! I put on the pink/pearl ones as well as the rest of the rhinestone dots on my left hand. YEY!

It looks cute and it's pink rhinestones on pink polish!

*Nailene stickers were provided to me by the company. This is my honest review. I'm not affiliated with the company, nor was I compensated for my opinion. Read more about my disclosure in my tab links.*


Follow Friday: Frazzle and Aniploish, Tiana's Place, PolishDrop

Follow Friday
Hello hope you had a nice Friday.
I'm kind of being a homebody today. I don't feel that well today.
So, I decided to follow up on these awards that these nice lady bloggers have given me.
Some of them I have received a while ago....I'm just really really slow!

Frazzle and Aniploish and PolishDrop gave me the Sunshine Award! Thank you!

The rules for this award:
1. Post the image on your blog
2. Link the blogger who gave it to you
3. Pass it on to 12 other bloggers
4. Link those 12 bloggers
5. Let them know you've tagged them by commenting on their blog.

And Tiana's Place gave me the One little Sparkling Blog Award! :-D 
Thank you lady!

The rules are the following:

1.) Answer one question: "What do you like the most about your own blog?"

What do I like about my own blog..hmm.. I like all the pink!

Well, seriously I like being creative. I like that my blog enables me to talk to people who are obsessed with nail polish, because you try to talk to your family/friends.. and they just don't understand. I never feel lonely because I know I'm not alone in my nail polish addiction.....

I'm going to tag  5 people for both awards, because I don't have the patience to do 12.

1. Enamel Girl - because she has awesome nail art.

2. Laynie Fingers - because she is so funny...hehe. you should check out her blog.. seriously cool.

3. Ice Queen - cool polish colors! And I like her blog name for some reason.. lol

4. Polish on Digital Paper - um wow.. that's all I have to say. Beautiful blogger lady, super talented, nail art it!

5. Pinkginger - because we have the same taste in cool music.. as well as cool nail polish!


Essie: Can't Film Fest.

Essie: Can't Film Fest.
A nice polish! One of my favorites. Very nice application. 2 coats but you can see a vnl a little.. it's not too bad. Shimmery, Iridescent, Fuchsia Pink. So So PRETTY. So, I did this real quick before I have to go to bed... so it's messy! I like this polish.


A Class Project: Some of My Work.


Here is some of my work from a class project. We had to design a couple of things for a business in real life.  EvilShades Cosmetics, aka EvilAngel owner of  Black nails and lip gloss was kind enough to be my guinea pig. So, this is what I was busy making for a couple of weeks: the logo, business cards, and a brochure.

business card

back of business card
brochure inside
logo business card


N.Y.C: Fuchsia Shock Creme.


N.Y.C: Fuchsia Shock Creme.

This was my NOTW last week. I did this real quick late last night Tuesday. I wore this until it was chipped (like Wed till Sunday). I'm a little too busy to change my nails everyday. *sigh* School is soo early.. and goes on all day! Anyway, this is a seriously nice bottle of cheap polish:

2 coats,
Nice application, 
Didn't really chip that badly except for my tips 

Hmm.. my nails are so long now because I'm lazy. I prefer my short nubbies, so I can play the guitar. However, cutting them now since they are so long takes effort....and I'm lazy/busy! I haven't played any guitar in like a week and a half. :-(
Sunday night chips


Follow Friday..err (Sunday) : MagicMaid!


Follow Friday: MagicMaid 

Hey there, this is just a quick post!
I was going to do this Friday... but didn't find time!
I have this big presentation due and I'm really freaking out because I have no idea what I'm doing. lol. But yeah, I won MagicMaid's 700 follower giveaway! 20 polishes and mango lotion/mango cuticle oil/mango exfoliation.

She's so awesome! She should have 100,000 followers.
So people, go and follow this lady's blog!
She's one of the nicest nail blogger ladies out there!
And she always shows such cool polishes!
She almost has 1000 followers!
Yey! She even gave me an extra pink polish!!!! 
Omg mango is my FAVORITE FRUIT!

THANK YOU for having such a cool giveaway... MagicMaid <3 <3 <3


Essie: Turquoise & Caicos.

Essie: Turquoise & Caicos

Nice application. 
2 coats. Creamy.
I love it! 
You, lady, are one of my favorite 'non- pink' shades!


Zoya: Jolene.

Zoya Jolene:
      She is an amazing pink. Hot pinkish, shiny, 2 coats of yummy pink goodness!
I love Zoya polishes. They are so yummy! I feel like my nail beds make this color a slightly deeper pink though. But the color still pops! I love this polish. I put my Zoya top coat on it as well to make it more shiny. I think Zoya products work the best with other Zoya products/vegan polishes. Sometimes,  Zoya doesn't play well with others.

*I was a little messy. I did this on a lunch break before one of my classes last week. Sorry, for the lack of post this week. I will try to post more regularly... classes are hard. I still love nail polish and blogging. I'm just trying to get used to my new schedule.*

Hope you have a nice Sunday, Everybody!


Color Club: Bizerk Turq.

Color Club: Bizerk Turq!

I love this name.. it reminds me of the city of Berkeley, CA..

A little nickname we call Berkeley is Bizerkeley.

There is always something 'crazy' going down in Berkeley.
Where the  'crazy' people...or not the 'norms' hang out.
I love it there.
I feel like I fit in.
I'm a big weirdo. *sigh*

I think this is a little neon? It sort of glows when the flash is on..

3 coats.


Milani: Pink Hottie.


Milani Pink Hottie!

another neon...!
This is what I put on yesterday at my lunch time.

Why are you so hard to play with...!

1. You are pretty sheer .
2. You don't dry.

Look at my thumb...!
This happened hours after I did my mani when I was changing clothes--the zipper got it messed up!

I was still wearing it when I had my night class as well.
When I got home you could still dent it.
I actually returned it to the store, and showed them my bad mani!
I need not waste my money on bad polishes.

Moral of the story.

1. Be a pack rat like...and keep your receipts..