This is a rant post.

I was taught not to say mean things,
show emotion,
ever be angry,
or even have an opinion..

You grow up to be a very fake person.
So, I'm trying really hard to be real...
Man, I have issues.

I need to vent.

I also feel all sick today because I took some medicine
it makes me nauseous + cranky.

I know it's not a good idea to write when you are  mad.
But whatever.. I will break the rule.


let the ranting start!

Unacceptable Behaviors According to the PinkNailBlog

1. Not calling people back/being a flake.... unacceptable..

2. Litter... unacceptable..!

3. Not apologizing when you made a mistake! Only defending yourself...Unacceptable!

4. Talking/Texting on your phone nonstop when you have company... Unacceptable!!!!

5. Updating your facebook status saying how you went to the bathroom.. UNACCEPTABLE. 

6. Professional working adults squabbling like children..throwing chairs around (literally)   
                               UNACCEPTABLE, CRAZY PEOPLE!

7.  Spamming twitter with random crap about how to make money, gain followers, win an Ipad...

                  I hate you twitter spam!!!      UNACCEPTABLE!!

8. Spamming on blogs.        UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this little blogging community! It's really fun! I get to do things I'm passionate about.. nail polish love, design, and talking to cool gals from around the world..

Don't mess up my blogging fun with spam!

So to combat this.. I installed a new comment system.
I kind of hate it, because it slows down my blog soooo soooo much!

But it will monitor links..
Sorry about that...
I got feed up...

Most of the times links are cool.
I love looking at new things.. but I think this is better.


well good night!
I feel better!

<3 Pretty


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