NOTD: Pink Cover Up!

I just realized that I  love wearing black matted! It looks really chic!
right hand.
So after playing the guitar..
cleaning up,
getting ready for school,
doing laundry.

Polish chipped!
So I put some pink over the mess ups and ran to class!
I think it looks kind of cool...
I added some more pink too so it looked like I meant to do this.

* classes were ok...and we got out early..!

It was pretty hot though... 94 degrees is not normal around here. It's usually 60-70..

This summer was pretty cold and foggy.
It feels like summer just started now. Perfect!  Right when school has started...I want to be at the beach now.. but now I'm stuck in a hot sticky classroom..

So, I came straight home to blog! It was too hot to stick around campus.
We don't have air conditioning in the bay area....:-(



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