Eyeko: Posh Polish.

Hello.. hope everyone had a good weekend!

This week I will show some eyeko polishes!

I actually won them from swatchaholic giveaway!
         (thank you girly!!)

I thought it was such a fun giveaway, because you actually had to research the company.

Eyeko means love! .. and I love that....!

I believe in spreading the love around..
and the polish love!

Well , I received posh polish, coral polish, vampira polish, petite polish, and tea rose polish...

I LOVE them!

so I tried to do a 'swatch' of them this weekend..
I'm really not good at swatching because of the massive amounts of coffee I drink..

(jittery hands)

and my impatience..
and I get sad when I have to take the polish off!!

But since I have a nail polish blog.. I guess I have to try a 'swatch' at least once in my blogging life...

Should I post them all at once?
Or throughout the week?

I don't want to bombard you guys with pictures...?

Some are messy.. :-(.. sorry

I know some of you might be upset about this..

as I kind of get upset with bad graphic designs/bad architecture/etc.. 

I will try to do better next time..
I still love the polishes so much.. I think I might marry them.. *sigh*

Eyeko : Posh Polish!


2 coats!

Min. clean up! Even for my messy.. !

I think this would work for my 'mannequin hands'


  1. Posh looks amazing with your skintone!Love it!

  2. Congrats on your winnings! I can't wait to try this brand.

  3. @manicure time. thank you! yeah i don't have any taupes..(me= pink crazy person) not sure I would like it.. but it has grown on me so much.. i love it!

    @enamel girl.. thanks! the polish is pretty good quality... i'm used to buying cheapo polish.. haha.. and the packaging is cute..:0)


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