Milani: Fresh Teal.


Another NEON!
I really like this color!

2 coats. Pretty opaque..
My camera gets confused with this color though..

It's sort of more green.. but it really does look bluish in some lights..

 Blue/green.. Teal!!

Oh I don't know? 
The color is so hard to explain!!   haha

It says it's a neon... but it dries shiny and jelly... not matte at all!
I'm not understanding what is neon about it.. ? 
Maybe in the way it interacts with certain lights..? 

I have no idea what I'm talking about..
ehh.. I like it. 
No need to overthink..


Essie: Peach Daiquiri.


She is so pretty!
In the light

I got this in a nail swap with Nailstah!
In the shade

Very pinkish coral on me.
They all always seem to look reddish on me no matter the shade.
I think I'm going to give up and not buy anymore corals.
But she is a nice coral..
3 coats to get it a nice even look.
So pretty.

With a flash


Sinful Colors: Mint Apple.

I'm going to show one of my favorite non pink shades...

Pink is my favorite nail polish color.
However, green is my favorite color color..

I just can't seem to find green nail polish colors that I like..
My favorite 'other' shades.. are mints, teals, turquoises, and vampy greens..
However, I have a limited number of these shades.

I'm really a crazy pink polish girl..

Sinful Colors - Mint Apple. This is a pretty shade of green.

 This is 2 coats.

Hmmm.. but I don't like it.
I think there is something wrong with me.

Because, when I look at the shimmer on this pretty shade.

I literally feel sea sick.
I'm a weirdo...

So, I swapped this to Imperfectly Painted.
She likes it.


NOTD: Pink Cover Up!

I just realized that I  love wearing black matted! It looks really chic!
right hand.
So after playing the guitar..
cleaning up,
getting ready for school,
doing laundry.

Polish chipped!
So I put some pink over the mess ups and ran to class!
I think it looks kind of cool...
I added some more pink too so it looked like I meant to do this.

* classes were ok...and we got out early..!

It was pretty hot though... 94 degrees is not normal around here. It's usually 60-70..

This summer was pretty cold and foggy.
It feels like summer just started now. Perfect!  Right when school has started...I want to be at the beach now.. but now I'm stuck in a hot sticky classroom..

So, I came straight home to blog! It was too hot to stick around campus.
We don't have air conditioning in the bay area....:-(



I have to sing this song...!

Polish Hoarder Disorder Challenge : Song.

This is my kind of challenge.. make a mani based on a song..

Can you guess the song..?

I'm not sure it comes across.. ? lol


essie matte about you
opi: black onyx + sinful colors: fusion pink

 What about now.. do you know the song..?

 Well if you can't tell..what the song was.. I did Pink Moon- by Nick Drake..
Well besides from the obvious..
I really love this guy and his music..
I pretty much am in love with mellow guitar music these days..
and really amazing voices..

At this moment I'm obsessed with
Nina Simone,
Jose Gonzalez,
Nick Drake,
Sufjan Stevens,
Iron +Wine,
Jeff Buckley....

 I love a  pretty acoustic sound!!
So I had to sing too!

um it is not 'perfect'  I just learned it!

I didn't practice.. I thought it was easy.. but noooo it is not
There are lots of bar chords!!
Those are hard..for me..

So,  I'm kind of in pain playing them...
Fingers are not strong enough!
Video was clipped for some reason... oh wells..

*in other news.... class starts today.. so I'm going to be busy... prob won't  be online as much.. :-(
I will try to schedule my blogging/twitter time, so I can play though!!

*in other other news.......Thank you for all the readers who are reading..

I just realized I hit 100 people.. um wow!
What just happened..
You people are crazy for reading my crazy.. lol... Just kidding..
I really want to thank you guys.. <3 u all...

I want to do a giveaway... for the 100 people who decided to read this blog...
but my funds need to go towards books.. and other things right now..
The timing is nooo good.
I'm afraid of all the shipping cost.. lol

Thank you for reading.
I will try to be a better nail blogger.. !

I really just started this for myself.. to document my crazy obession with nail polishes... and to make sure I don't buy too many dupes..

but I love all the comments + being part of a cool little blogging group!



Color Club: Yell-Oh!

Color Club: Yell-Oh!

I wasn't sure I was going to like this.
It's very unique.....

As a FULL mani...
Um,  I think this is ugliest mani color EVER!!!

This is ugly..! UGLY..

...BUT for nail art I will consider this color.

It's one of those weird colors that don't really dry...

3/4 coats.

I actually might return it..
Maybe I just got a bad batch..
It was really sheer..and runny
I'm not feeling this bottle..

This did not dry at all. :-(


Sinful Colors: Dream On.


Hard to capture the color.
 2 coats.
Purple/reddish neon.

The bottom picture is with top coat. I think this is the closest it gets to capturing the shade of this color...
 What a little pain this lady is to photograph...



Sally Hansen: Mellow Yellow.


A runny mellow yellow.
The application was a little annoying because the color was thick...
But it began to run into my cuticles a lot.

Messy clean up.
2 coats.


Wet N Wild: Sunny Side Up.

Wet N Wild: Sunny Side Up

I like this orange.
I don't own very many...Oranges are not my thing.
I have 2/3 maybe...
I think I will splurge and buy a nice orange ONE day...
But this is  a GREAT color for a dollar!

3 coats.
A little sheer.
But builds up nice, and is not goopy or runny.
Not sure if this is a creme or jelly?
I think it's a little of both.. ?
I don't know....




This is a rant post.

I was taught not to say mean things,
show emotion,
ever be angry,
or even have an opinion..

You grow up to be a very fake person.
So, I'm trying really hard to be real...
Man, I have issues.

I need to vent.

I also feel all sick today because I took some medicine
it makes me nauseous + cranky.

I know it's not a good idea to write when you are  mad.
But whatever.. I will break the rule.


let the ranting start!

Unacceptable Behaviors According to the PinkNailBlog

1. Not calling people back/being a flake.... unacceptable..

2. Litter... unacceptable..!

3. Not apologizing when you made a mistake! Only defending yourself...Unacceptable!

4. Talking/Texting on your phone nonstop when you have company... Unacceptable!!!!

5. Updating your facebook status saying how you went to the bathroom.. UNACCEPTABLE. 

6. Professional working adults squabbling like children..throwing chairs around (literally)   
                               UNACCEPTABLE, CRAZY PEOPLE!

7.  Spamming twitter with random crap about how to make money, gain followers, win an Ipad...

                  I hate you twitter spam!!!      UNACCEPTABLE!!

8. Spamming on blogs.        UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this little blogging community! It's really fun! I get to do things I'm passionate about.. nail polish love, design, and talking to cool gals from around the world..

Don't mess up my blogging fun with spam!

So to combat this.. I installed a new comment system.
I kind of hate it, because it slows down my blog soooo soooo much!

But it will monitor links..
Sorry about that...
I got feed up...

Most of the times links are cool.
I love looking at new things.. but I think this is better.


well good night!
I feel better!

<3 Pretty


Ruby Kisses: Yellow Bikini.

I have a yellow bikini!
Although, I didn't use it this summer.
Maybe my friend with the hot tub will let me come over..
I've only been once.

oh wells...

Well.. it's the last week of summer!
Classes start next week!


This summer was pretty foggy..
I usually wear colors based on my mood...not seasons..
but I'll try to show some summer colors this week!!

Ruby Kisses: Yellow Bikini.

Pretty opaque.
Sort of thick.. but not goopy at all,
2 coats.

It says it's a 'neon'
Um, I don't think so..
It dries shiny.
It doesn't seem to 'glow' but I  don't have a black light.
I like the new bottle labels..


Contest: Home.

This is a contest I entered at the

Voting ends Wed, August 18, at 11:59 PST

Theme: Home.

I'm kind of messy...
But I had fun!!

This is what I think of when I think my home... 

1.The Bay Area
2. California
3. Cal /UC Berkeley
4. Golden Gate Bridge at sunset
5. Open-minded people + love and NOH8 ( ie rainbow colors)
6. And lots and lots of fog!


Challenge: Tips.

Milani Disco Lights: pink glitter tips!

Polish Hoarder Challenge.. I did this in a rush...

I got confused on when it was due.. !

But here is something funny I found on milan & vanaily's blog 



Challenge: Nature Revisited Matte


with it matte u can actually see the details and not the reflection/shine.

forgot to post these pictures matte..!
right hand...not as good as the left. but it still looks like a painting!
I wore this for 4 days.. I loved it so much!


OPI: Alpine Snow.


This is my best white.

It's still messy. But not as sheer, gloopy, all over the place as my other whites.

 2 coats...and it shines w/o a top coat.
 What white do you recommend?
 Every nail artist need a great white polish.. no..?
 That.. and a great black polish!

Thanks for reading!
Have a good weekend!


I got tagged


I got tagged for this too

by the pretty lady: imperfectly painted

ok my first tag.. so i'm probably going to mess this up.. lol

The Rules:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

1. I like pink nail polish.

2. I like my guitars and playing getting better at that.

3. I like being healthy.

4. I like glee.

5. I'm obsessed with Dr. Who +Torchwood.

6. I like music of all types..
   my fav is Nina simone/Led zepp/Jeff buckley/Iron+Wine/Sufjan Stevens..
      I can listen to these people on  repeat my whole life... and never get bored..

7. I like to belly dance.. it's really fun!

8. I like improv theatre too. I need to find a group to do that again! Way too much fun!

9.  I like art/architecture/design/.. hey this counts as one.. I think these are all related.

10. I like living in a different country. I want soo bad to move and live somewhere different... copenhagen/london/amsterdam.. are at the top of my list..... and one day I will be blogging from there!!

ten bloggers o my that's so many!!!
not sure I have the patience for this.. or if the bloggers I choose already have done this..

but I will try

1. the nail polish md
2. sparkle
3. duckduckgander
4. emybloom
5. candy coated tips
6. nails beautiqued
7. chikisnails

ok.. um I'm lazy.. is 7 enough.. this is taking too long.. I need to go get food now!

anyone else who wants to do this.. please do it.. it's fun! lol


The Pink That Started the Crazy.....

Beauty Without Cruelty: Raspberry
a frosty,
a shimmery,
a little bit mauvey
an awesome pink

with flash

They are a vegan polish. 1 coat!!

I got it for 14 dollars..?  About a year and a half ago.
When architecture people had jobs..

I hated my job.
Overtime every weekend.
LONG hours.
AND the worst was that they treated people like crap..!

1. My name does not sound like OBAMA. What the hell. Please stop calling me this!!

2.  So you say your ancestors hung and picked n*g.. wow.. That's interesting! this as an explanation of where the word picnic comes from. WOW!

3.  So you say my other coworker is not Korean.. at all.. !  Even though she's Korean! Just because she doesn't act to your stereotype..

4. And let's not forget the crazy sociopath project manager.. omg goddddd! crazy. Everyone HATED him..

I think I was a little bit to naive/scared/shy to say anything.
And it seemed like everyone was so used to the abuse....
that saying something would not do anything, except get you fired. :-(

I hated that job. 

So, I bought this little polish as retail therapy... it worked..!
no flash

This is the pink that started my crazy obsession with pink nail polish..

I wear this polish when I feel like crapp crapp... because it always makes me feel a little better.

The pics aren't doing the polish justice for some reason.
And I had my fan on, so there is a bubble in the picture.

...but this is such a  pretty polish!!!!!

No, I don't work at the crazy place anymore...

ehh good bye..!

I'm actually trying to change my career.

Too much stress caused me my health to go really bad!

Architects NEVER SLEEP!
I've found that no sleep = really really bad things for me.

So I'm trying to recover now.. :-D
Taking some classes, + talking to some people, etc.

Pink nail polish helps as well!

yey polish!


China Glaze: Sex on the Beach.

I needed some pink in my life. So I put this sexy lady on last night.

I got this in a swap in nailstah! I pretty much bothered her to let me try some sex on the beach..
It's a lovely color on me. I love it. I love the application..but um..

Look below!

I did this last night while watching  2 doctor who episodes! 1hr and 20 mins of wait time..

The polish was not dry after that. Dented, when I scratched my head.. This made me sad.. but I was too tired to change it last night.
 This is why there is no 'clean up' because I was going to take this polish off this morning
 but was too scatter brained..  :-o.

 I don't know?
 It's a funny polish.
 Maybe I will do 2 coats instead of three... and see if that changes it.
 It's a nice peachy microglittery sandy grainy shade..

It sounds like a good idea.. but I'm not sure sex on the beach is a good idea....

Too much sand..  all over the freaking place.. *i mean polish..*
yes polish goes all over the place.
yes.. I'm talking about polish.

hmm I still think you look pretty, I just wish you would dry.


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