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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish: Wild/Calm.

This is what I put on tonight from the giveaway I won from blogger Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes. Was having too much fun with this polish!

I love it!

It's pink when warm.. and purple when cool.

Well, maybe I would have loved it more if it was pink when warm.. and LIGHT pink when cold...
Or BRIGHT pink...
or MAUVEY pink...
Ok, I'm going to stop.
I like pink!

I LOVE IT THOUGH. I couldn't stop playing around with it.. hehe..

Purple when it is cold.
Oh! It works even with a topcoat on.
This has a topcoat on.. so if you were worried about that..um don't worry!

It's shimmery..!

I can't really describe the finish.
It's glittery but not rough..
And it's shimmery as well..?

This is me playing around. Not sure if you can see well. It's night time...


I love this polish! Great colors, and a lot of fun :)

Great color. I have this polish but haven't worn it yet. Shame on me! It's so pretty.

thank you! yes too much fun! you can really get distracted seeing if the color has changed or not during the day.. !

oh no ! Yes you should wear it one day! you will entertain yourself for a while.

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