Claire's Mood Polish: Wild/Calm.

This is what I put on tonight from the giveaway I won from blogger Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes. Was having too much fun with this polish!

I love it!

It's pink when warm.. and purple when cool.

Well, maybe I would have loved it more if it was pink when warm.. and LIGHT pink when cold...
Or BRIGHT pink...
or MAUVEY pink...
Ok, I'm going to stop.
I like pink!

I LOVE IT THOUGH. I couldn't stop playing around with it.. hehe..

Purple when it is cold.
Oh! It works even with a topcoat on.
This has a topcoat on.. so if you were worried about don't worry!

It's shimmery..!

I can't really describe the finish.
It's glittery but not rough..
And it's shimmery as well..?

This is me playing around. Not sure if you can see well. It's night time...


  1. I love this polish! Great colors, and a lot of fun :)

  2. Great color. I have this polish but haven't worn it yet. Shame on me! It's so pretty.

  3. shiny:
    thank you! yes too much fun! you can really get distracted seeing if the color has changed or not during the day.. !

    oh no ! Yes you should wear it one day! you will entertain yourself for a while.


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