Sinful Colors: Soul Mate

Sinful Colors: Soul Mate

(sorry about the blurry pics.. 
still learning!)

Salmon Pink?
Pastel Coral?
One of my FAVORITE colors in my stash!

However, this is  awful to apply!
I HATE it.

I've never had such a thick, pasty polish!!!
(how the heck did they make it PASTY?!!!!)

3 coats! Oh my.

It dries pretty...
a pretty finish.

I love you again polish!!
I seriously LOVE you polish.

Maybe that's why they call it Soul Mate..
Even with the flaws you will still love it..


  1. It is an awesome polish on you. Have you thought of trying some polish thinner? It might finish off that soul mate piece and make it 100% perfect ;)

  2. I love your dialogue on this! Tee hee =)

  3. that color is so pretty! perfect for summer. :D

  4. lw: hmm I will try that.. not sure how well it is going to work though..

    susie. thank's i wear this a lot!

    abop!! haha glad you enjoyed my dorkiness!

    lane! yeah i feel pretty summerry when i wear this one!


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