N.Y.C. polyester pink creme



This is the real deal pink.
I really like how creamy and light and spring/happy it is.
I really hate how it goes on though.
It is sheer, and goopy, and bubbly, and takes about 4 coats to get it to be pink.
So, I've been experimenting with whites underneath.  That helps.

base coat + white + 1 layer of pink = Pink on my nails
base coat + white + 2 layers of pink = Solid pink. meh..

It was cheap, I'm not complaining.     25 cents...hehe
I figure when I master this,
Any other nail polish will look awesome on me. 
But I do LOVE this color. 
It is such a sweet nice girly color. 

Next blog:

 I'm American, but my dad is from Ghana.
 I was going to do Polish Hoarder Challenge but.. I was too lazy.. and I forgot it ended
Friday not Sunday. For some reason I thought it ended Sunday.. ah wells..

 Ghana is in the World Cup on Monday. I will root for them!


  1. Pretty pink - bubble gummy yummy-ish. I know it's already cheap at 99c usually, but where do you get nyc for 25c???

  2. It was on sale at CVS!! 75% off!
    I think it is being discontinued.. sad face.

  3. Really pretty. :)
    Wish we had CVS's here. :)

  4. thank you! yeah. I remember when cvs was an east coast thing.. i.e. visiting relatives in DC/NY.. but they took over OUR rite aid.. about 1 year ago... and I live in the san francisco bay area..


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