*Acetone-Free...?hmm (update)

Last night I tried:

The new "CVS Biodegradable Formula Polish Remover"

con: It smells a bit when you FIRST OPEN it-- like propane gas.
- Is it because of the "Dimethyl Methylglutante" listed as an ingredient?

pro: When it is airing out, it doesn't smell so bad... actually nice.

con: Takes a while to remove.

pro: You don't need a lot of product to remove polish. I dipped my cotton pad ONCE
and removed all the polish on my right hand.

pro: DID NOT dry my nails out!

pro: Feels nice and moisturizing. Maybe it's the aloe extract in it.

Well, there are 4 PROS and 2 CONS. I think I like this product.
I would use it again. Good Buy. YEY!

PRICE: $4.99

BONUS: My nails do not hate me today.

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