New Years Eve!


Hey everyone!
Hope 2011 will be a great year for you all!

Yey 2011.
Party party.
I think I'm going to go out to an art show tonight.
I'm going to wear a gold dress..
and maybe paint my nails in some deep red.
sounds hot...
Must get ready!

Well, hope everyone is safe and merry!

(*argh. sorry about not posting any regular nail pics..)

grr I spilled coffee on my laptop. It has all my photoshop/photo intensive things. I like to watermark my pics.. because  I'm a perfectionist...

It's not an official Pinknailblog pic without my watermark.. boo. I'm weird. lol

..typing this from not my computer and it's really slow...

gahh. (praying for a fixed computer in 2011!)

 I can't believe it's  going to be 2011!! that's crazy..!


I'm Back.


Birthday Week Mani:

OPI Simmer and Shimmer!

Sorry for being away. I'm busy.
I can't do many things at once....
But I did wear polish. I just didn't photograph it. 
I'm kind of intrigued with blues at the moment...

Sunday was my birthday. 
I wore this sparkle shimmer glitter all week.
My birthday is always near finals. boo no party.

But I'm going to go dancing tonight.
Yey for being older.




from random url # 26!
The winner of my thank you 125 reader giveaway... is...

# 26 Biba!!! 

Thank you Reader! You are awesome!

sorry you guys had to wait. I'm a student. And I can't do two things at once.... school first..! then nail polish!


Zoya: Kara.


Zoya: Kara.
Took this a while back. I need to be a better blogger. Look how short my nails are! But yes. A coral pink. I like this one. Very opaque.  2 coats. Creamy or jelly like? Maybe... a little of both.


World Champions SF GIANTS..An insane parade.


SAN FRANCISCO and an Insane Parade!!
I'm not a baseball fanatic, but I grew up in the Bay Area! So, I went to the city on Wed to see the Giants Parade after class. There was no way I was going to miss out on the parade!  It was INSANE! I've never seen so many people in one place ever in SF.So many happy drunk people. HAHA. So fun! I wore this SinfulColors: Serena and Chloe. I don't own many oranges. I think I wom this in a giveaway. That's how many oranges I have.. maybe 2? It's a pretty orange. It's just really really sheer! I wore white underneath. Lots of VNL!!! But it's such a pretty orange glitter. I need to buy more!


Halloween + Dr. Who fun!

Happy Halloween:
 Here are some fun nail costumes. They are based on my favorite show Dr. Who!! It is a BBC sci fi show... but it's not a typical sci fi show. I think that it is really all about nails. Well, not really... but I think Dr. Who has the best story lines in any show I've watched.  I love Dr. Who!!! One of the main characters in this season is Amy Pond... she has killer nails! So, I did my best to follow some of the episodes to show her best nails. Yes, I know...I  have no life..but I had fun.

Me as Amy Pond. I'm in space.. wee!
Amy Pond in Space!

Episode:  "The 11th Hour"
 Nail Version: Wet N Wild :  Red red

 Episode: "Flesh and Stone"
Nail Version: Rimmel Steel Grey

episode: The Pandorica Opens

Nail version: wet n wild sunny side up 

Episode: "The Beast Below"

                 Nail version: Color Club: Charity Ball                      

Episode: "The Lodger"


Franken Fails.


Franken Fail
Some of my franken fails...I did these a while back. I was just to embarrassed to show these yucky things.  The glitter I used was some random art craft glitter. Hit or miss I guess. I got the crushed shells at a local beauty store. Yuck. Lol.  Oh wells, no one is perfect. 

*(Don't forget to enter my Giveaway)*!!!

1. Black and red glitter = FAIL
      - glitter settled to the bottom!
      - AND the glitter changed colors!
     - I used a Sally Hansen black as a base.

2. Pink Flakie = FAIL
      - um... just gross.
      - I tried to use crushed shells.. but it just turned into a big clump.. of grossness....
      - I used Wet n' Wild clear as a base

3. Holo Glitter... = FAIL
      - not such a big fail..
      - glitter settles to bottom.. but didn't change colors!
      - it's still pretty, you just need to shake. I used Wet n' Wild clear as a base.



PinkNailBlog's 1st Giveaway!!


GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

125 reader Giveaway
Well, I finished my midterm and I'm in a good mood. So, I guess I want to have a little fun giveaway. This is for one lucky reader. I just want to thank my readers who have decided to read my crazy. Blogging is so special and fun to me because I get to share my crazy np addiction with other people who feel the same way!! And you guys are so sweet, I swear. The nicest group of people. I also might have another bigger giveaway around Nov/Dec. I'm stock piling some goodies for that one.  My birthday is around that time too, so I might get some more goodies! Being a student makes you poor. ( lol)  Well, for this giveaway:

The prize includes

1. LA color Limited Edition Nail Polish 4 pretty polishes!
2. I also bought a Halloween candy ringpop! ( green apple flavor) that lights up!
3. Oooh there is a pink polish too! It looks awesome! 

I think if you are the first 125/ readers blog you will probably get extra points.  I just realized that as of now even though it says 126 readers it is actually 125 readers because I'm lame and follow my own blog. LOL.

If you comment you might get some extra points too....
I don't know what I'm doing really.

hmm the end date is Nov 10th?  I don't know... is that weird to eat Halloween candy after the fact...? 
ehh whatever this is my blog! 

*rules: Must be a gfc follower, so I can stalk you. (jk) lol I don't stalk ppl.. on most days anyways. Open internationally.

la colors metallic nails

ooh look it's pink


End Hate! Spirit Day - Wear Purple.


Spirit Day
GLAAD declared Oct 20th is Spirit Day.  A day to end hate. So today I'm wearing purple polish. I did this quick last night before studying for my midterm. Check out the facebook group.  Today, I'm wearing my favorite purple shade. Misa: Violetta! She is so pretty. You only need one coat... but I'm messy so this is 2 coats. It dries pretty fast as well. So, go wear purple today. OH, I just realized I'm also wearing a purple and grey top today! lol. Anyways, let's spread love and not hate!

"It’s been decided! On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the LGBT youth who have committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes and schools.

PURPLE represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. "
with flash
 this in in natural light..but it was getting dark out so there wasn't enough light. so my shots are kinda blurry


Something Shiny and Pink! Zoya: Alegra.


Zoya: Alegra
It's funny how much other things you get done, when you have a lot to do. Um, so yes a quick post! A nice fuchsia glitter/sparkly shiny pink! It's a 3 coater. It still kind of has a VNL slightly but not so bad. I wore this for a while. I didn't let it dry enough though, so when I began to play my guitar the steel strings totally messed it up. I still wore it for a day or so though. I just took it off tonight. Now... I must study for MIDTERM. Acck! ok..I will do school work now.. I promise.. ohh Glee is on soon! ...ok will do that too while studying.

Yeah... I love that band...

Well.. that's all for today. Must not procrastinate anymore.

with flash


I LOVE THIS! Finger Paints : Evergreen Dream.

Finger Paints : Evergreen Dream.
Just some pictures for you of this lovely green. I love this only need one coat. I'm messy so this is 2 coats. I chose to wear green again for depression awareness. I know it's breast cancer awareness as well, but I feel like this is an important issue that is not being highlighted as much. I personally have been dealing with these issues. I know so many people who have been fighting this depression battle. It's not fun, and it's as deadly as any other illness. The news recently  is highlighting that fact with so many suicides by young people who are so depressed that they think this is the only answers.  It just breaks my heart. Depression can make you feel so isolated and alone but I hope young people out there realize that you are not alone.  So, I wanted to do a green mani again to show that you are not alone. There are people out there who care. Depression is a serious illness. So,  really take care of yourselves out there! 

*I also found this website helpful. Sometimes I forget to take care of myself. So, I'm going to try to do these things as well. 17 ways to Avoid Depression Relapse.  I think the one I've been lacking these weeks is exercise. I'm going to try to keep that up. I've also been a little stressed out because of school.  That is why I don't blog as often. Too many things to do make me unsettled. So I just blog when I have time.)

In natural light no flash.

Flash to show the shimmer!!


Does this look like a Zebra Print..?

Zebra Print

Hmm, so first of all.. I CUT MY NAILS! Wow! You have won this round, oh guitar...but the nails might make a comeback.  I'm not used to this length right now. I feel like my nails have been chopped off.  My pinky nail looks odd to me. Grr, I miss my nails. I will just have to get used to it though.  I need to keep practicing my guitar! Oh, and this nail photo  is just an experiment with my other polish: Zoya: Edyta and Sally Hansen Chrome Pink Crystal but really a silver. I tried to make a zebra print, but I don't think it is working. This was for the new facebook group Fab Nails Art challenge...animal prints!

Check out their facebook page it's awesome yey for Mae and Thriszha challenges!  "ART OF NAIL together with Thriszha of "FAB UR NAILS" created a new facebook account. We combined the names of our blogs. We will post our weekly challenge on this new fb account. Thank you very much, we will update it ASAP"



Nails vs. Guitar.


Nails vs. Guitar.
I've been really busy with class, and I let my nails grow out really long. Crap! They are sooo damn long now! I haven't played my guitar in a long while, so I didn't really notice. Well that is until Thursday night, I was really stressed out so I decided to play my guitar. Um.. wow.. I can't play at all with long nails! Um.. hmm.... but I'm so used to this length now. I actually like long nails! OMG what do I do! Guitar or long nails. argh! I still haven't cut them. Tune in next time to see who wins the battle.  

Naked nails.. 

Don't you miss me? - Love your Guitar


Zoya: Edyta.

Zoya: Edyta.
I got this color this month to reward myself for doing all this work I have to do for class! (blargh I think my instructor is a little cuckoo about design.. soo much work.. ehh!) Anyway.. this is my reward: Zoya Edyta!  It's pretty. It's green. It's gold. It's shimmery. It's metallic..? I love it! It really is only a one coater! Really opaque... but I'm not good so this is 2 coats. I know it is breast cancer/depression awareness month. S,o I guess this green is for that as well.  Depression is a serious illness  Please don't take it lightly. Take care of yourself..and keep on nail polishing!


Orly: Oh Cabana Boy

Orly: Oh Cabana Boy
This is pretty color; however, the formula was wonky. I put this on and it did not dry. Boo, that made me a little sad. But, I think I have a couple of pinks in this kind of iridescent-like shade so I'm not too upset. Although,  I think this one is a little more 'neon' or brighter than the other ones I have.


So Much Pink Glitter!


I love this. This is Wet n' Wild Sparkled over Wet n' Wild Tickled Pink - a light pink! (sorry no bottle pictures) I put this on Thursday night and wore it until.. um it's still on. It's a little worn out on the tips. To get it this sparkly, you have to put on about 3/4 layers. Some of my nails took 3 coats and some nails took 4. It was a little annoying but,  I love it. I can't take this one off! The pink glitter is so fun, and so distracting. Got lots of compliments. I keep looking at my nails to see the shiny. I will probably take it off tonight.  I'm a little kid... so easily amused.

 * grr I spelled something wrong.. but no time to change it... need to get back to doing class work...soo much work.. that's why I don't post so often...( but yes it's tickled pink, people...!)


Compare: Mellow Yellow vs. Yellow Bikini

Ruby Kisses- Yellow Bikini
Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow

I did this a while ago. I was just too lazy to upload it. Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow is a little lighter and hard to apply. It is runnyas well.  While Ruby Kisses - Yellow Bikini is a very rich yellow. A nice application as well pretty opaque. I think it was a two coater.